9 Hotmail Alternatives that Will Make You Say “Whoooa”

You might not know this, but Microsoft’s Hotmail service hasn’t been the most reliable email provider in recent years. With hackers and spam running rampant, it can be hard to find a good alternative for your personal or business needs. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of 9 Hotmail alternatives that will make you say “whoooa”!

9 Best Hotmail Alternatives

Best Alternatives to Hotmail for Business

Alternative #: Eudora OSE

Eudora OSE is an email service that has been around for quite some time. It was first released in 1999, and it’s still going strong today! If you’re looking for a program with a ton of features as well as plenty of space to store emails then this might be the email service for you.

You’ll love that Eudora OSE offers a free 30-day trial so there’s no risk to try out their services! You can also sign up with an existing POP account, which is really nice if you’re already using something like Gmail or Yahoo Mail and want to switch over. And don’t worry about your existing email address because Eudora will take care of that for you automatically.

Alternative #: ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a new email service that’s making big waves in the industry right now and for good reason. It has tons of features like PGP encryption, which can be used to encrypt your messages so only you and the recipient will know what it says. You’ll also love the fact that messages, contacts, and calendars are all synchronized on your phone so you can access them from anywhere.

If you’re looking for a secure email service to use as an alternative to Hotmail or Gmail then ProtonMail is perfect! The best part about using this program? It’s 100% free with no strings attached!

Alternative #: Zoho Mail

Zoho is a cloud-based email service that offers an easy to use interface and tons of features. You’ll love how customizable this program is, which makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want their emails looking like everyone else’s! All you have to do is create your own template by selecting your desired colors, fonts, and images then you’re ready to go.

With Zoho Mail’s effective spam protection feature as well as their support for multiple languages it might be time to say goodbye to Hotmail! You’ll also love how easy it is to manage your account with the help of features like “Bulk Actions” which allow you to delete, archive, or move messages.

Alternative #: Mailbox for Mac

Mailbox is an email app that has been made specifically with the iPhone in mind – it’s perfect if you want fast access to your emails from anywhere! You’ll love how simple this program is because there are only a few things you need to do to keep your inbox organize

If you want, Mailbox can even send your email and then delete it for you – all with just one click! You’ll find that this is a really nice alternative because of how simple it is to use as well as the fact that there are no ads or spam messages coming through.

Alternative #: Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! Mail is a great alternative to Hotmail or Gmail if you’re looking for something with lots of features and storage space. You’ll love that it’s really easy to organize your inbox, which makes it easier than ever before to find messages from important contacts as well as the ones you’ve downloaded.

Another great feature is how Yahoo! Mail features a spam-fighting technology that’s always going to be improving, which means you’ll have the best protection possible from unwanted messages and content. And don’t worry about your old email address because Yahoo will gladly take care of it for you automatically – they might even give you some free storage space too!

Alternative #: iCloud

iCloud is a great option to consider if you’re not happy with the current email service in use. You’ll love how quickly and easily it is to set up this app, and that’s just the beginning of what makes this program really cool because it has tons of features like push notifications for important emails.

iCloud is also really secure – you’ll never have to worry about your account being hacked or someone getting their hands on any of your sensitive information because all the messages are encrypted and sent over a public network that’s been secured by SSL encryption. With iCloud, you can rest assured knowing that you’re always in control of your account!

Alternative #: AOL Mail

AOL.com is a website that offers email services as well as other features like chat, photo sharing, and messenger options which are all completely free. With it being so easy to access your messages you’ll never have to worry about missing important emails ever again – all the work has been done for you!

Another great feature is the option to have your emails automatically forwarded from another account, which means less time spent dealing with different accounts and more time devoted to what’s really important – your email. You’ll also be able to create unique folders for each of your contacts so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming managing all of them at once.

Alternative #: Yahoo! Mail Plus

Yahoo! Mail Plus is a great option for anyone who wants to maximize their storage space, which makes it perfect for people that don’t want to miss any of the messages that are stored in their inbox. You’ll love how easy it is to organize your messages with this program and how easy it is to find contacts because of the “Friends and Family” folders.

You’ll also love how Yahoo! Mail Plus lets you manage your messages without opening any other programs, which means that if someone sends an email attachment they can easily be saved on your computer. And as a bonus, this program has been made so that there are no ads or spam messages coming through, which makes it so much more enjoyable to use.

Alternative #: Gmail

Gmail is a great alternative if you’re not happy with the current email service in use because they offer really good storage space and lots of features like chat, Google Docs integration as well as YouTube video embedding. You’ll love that it’s really easy to organize your inbox because of the tabs they have for contacts, which means you can always find what you’re looking for without any problems.

With Google Docs integration being such an important and useful feature there are no worries about someone else accessing or tampering with anything in your account – all data is secure because it’s encrypted. With Gmail, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important email again!

Alternative #: Microsoft Outlook

If you’re not happy with the current service in use, then it might be time to look at a new Hotmail alternative – like Microsoft’s Outlook! The first thing you’ll love is how easy this program is to use, even for those who are just starting out with email.

It’s also really robust when it comes to features and storage space – you’ll find that Outlook offers a lot more than what you’re used to from Hotmail or Gmail! You can send attachments up to 25MB, which is huge if you happen to be sending a lot of attachments.